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Welcome to VCare Mortgage LLC

VCare Mortgage is a leading provider of real estate title search and verification services. Focused on assisting mortgage service providers, investors, foreclosure attorneys, asset management professionals, mortgage lending and title companies in the areas of mortgage lending, due diligence, loss mitigation, quality assurance and foreclosure/REO, VCare Mortgage LLC provides its clients with unique services that assist them in making sound business decisions and helping them grow. By leveraging our technology and partner relationships as well as proactive vendor sourcing, VCare Mortgage LLC delivers great value to its customers by providing better information, quick turnaround times, competitive pricing and an exceptional degree of consistency on a national scale.

Our Services

mortgage services

Mortgage Services

VCare Mortgage has been offering mortgage services to mortgage professionals, bankers, brokers and lenders across the United States. Services include loan setup, loan processing support, underwriting support, closing support, shipping/loan delivery and post closing support.

title search services

Title Search & Insurance

VCare provides title search & verification on Residential and Commercial properties nationwide. Our services include: Ownership & Encumbrance (O & E) Reports, Foreclosure/REO Reports, Lien Reports
and Document Research/Retrieval.

skip tracing services

Skip Tracing & Asset Searches

VCare can help you can locate a debtor and provide a wealth of information about that person or firm, through a highly specialized Skip Tracing and Asset Discovery service.

asset valuation services

Asset Valuation

Whether you’re buying or selling large or small asset pools or performing due diligence on an existing portfolio, knowing the value of each asset is imperative. Our asset valuation services will provide you with the information you need to buy, sell and manage your assets effectively and efficiently.

Specialists in Real Estate Property, Encumbrance, Mortgage Services and Title Search Reporting.


VCare Mortgage LLC is a leading provider of real estate title search and verification, mortgage services, asset valuation and skip tracing services.